Our Story.

In 2019, I began brewing kombucha in a closet at my parents house. I wanted different flavors than the ones I saw on grocery store shelves, so I tried making kombucha myself! It started out as a fun experiment, but I soon realized there was a gap in the market: there was no cocktail flavored kombucha. Anywhere. 



I began to experiment with cocktail inspired kombucha flavors, and that's what started Kombucharista in 2021. Now, you can enjoy a pre-made, zero-proof kombucha cocktail or use Kombucharista's flavors as a gut-friendly cocktail mixer. No mixology required!



Say goodbye to sugary cocktail mixers or plain soda water for an N/A option, and say hello to Kombucharista. 🍹




Our Founder.

Hi! My name is Brenna and I am from Bloomfield, NY. I am so happy to introduce my company, Kombucharista, to everyone!



I attended Rochester Institute of Technology and earned my B.S. in Economics. I fell in love with the business world and learning how to analyze the market, so when I noticed cocktail flavored kombucha was non-existent, I jumped at the opportunity to create my own!



If you are an avid kombucha drinker or have never tried it, my goal is to make you a fan. Check out our socials on our "Contact Us" page to follow where we're offered :) 

Our Mission.

At Kombucharista, we value and strive to create the best pre-made N/A experience while keeping the integrity and history of kombucha with our innovative, fun recipes.



Now you can sit back, sip, and enjoy classic cocktail flavors in zero-proof form while staying conscious of what you are putting in your body! If you want to spice things up, use our Kombucharista flavors as a gut-friendly cocktail mixer.